I typically spend 6-8 hours/day editing in Photoshop & Lightroom so I am quite comfortable with batch editing/processing large quantities of photos in extreme detail, altering background, removing imperfections, removing/adding items, light & color correction, old photo restoration, beauty retouching, portrait - head swaps, glass glare, stray hair removal, skin smoothing, special effects, adding text, cleaning dust/scratches, cloning, and more!

Glamour Retouching

Lighting Corrections, Color Corrections,​ Blur, Sharpening, Dodge, Burn​, Skin SmoothingRemoving Imperfections


Black & White

Color Corrections, Blurring, Removing Imperfections, Cropping

DSC_0246-Recovered- BW.jpg

Removing Imperfections

Removing Imperfections, Smoothing, Blurring, Lighting Effects


Old Photo Restoration

Lighting Corrections, Color Corrections, Skin Smoothing


Contrast & Saturation

Removing imperfections, Lighting Corrections, Color Corrections


Adding Items

Increase Contrast, Sharpen, Adding Items

Consentration 110.jpf